Clareissa is an empathic, non-judgemental and holistic person and counsellor with over a decade of experience working largely with vulnerable, marginalised and at risk youth and adults in the community sector as clinical counsellor,  outreach worker and case manager. Due to significant unexpected medical conditions, Clareissa was unable to sustain the demands of full time community work and while recovering focused on improving her health and healing through necessary conservative medical treatments, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, swimming, and exploring her creative interests in writing, photography and card making.

In addition to Clareissa’s extensive work experience with mental health, drug and alcohol, trauma and grief and loss,  she has lived experience of  past trauma, chronic pain and illness, disability, anxiety and depression, grief and loss and adoption. Prior to her tertiary level counselling and case management training, Clareissa had integrated her issues and problems from being a client in a range of settings with different therapeutic types of counselling. Since her health decline in 2017 and impacts on her daily primary functioning, Clareissa once again became a client to assist her to make sense of her trauma, loss of health and to rebuild a new workable life and identity.

Clareissa now hopes to assist individuals with a range of concerns, issues and behaviours and is concerned with empowering others to be the best version of their desired self and to assist and support others toward a more preferred life by learning sustainable ways to manage and cope with various challenges and issues that may include significant life stressors, internal and interpersonal conflicts, undesirable behaviours, substance issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, disability, chronic pain and illness and grief and loss.

Clareissa provides individual counselling, telephone counselling, education and creative therapeutic workshops. Clareissa is a holistic and client centred counsellor who uses a  range of therapeutic interventions tailored individually to best meet client needs.

Clareissa can provide outreach and telephone counselling to clients who are unable to attend face to face counselling session.

Ultimately, Clareissa aims to empower, inspire, support and motivate clients to overcome or manage their presenting challenges and concerns and move forward in their lives to a more valued, hopeful, and preferred life. Counselling is a safe and confidential space for clients to share their difficulties and explore alternative positive strategies and behaviours.


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