About me

Clareissa is an empathic, inclusive and holistic counsellor and aspiring blogger with a professional background in clinical counselling and completing final unit in a Masters in Social Work at RMIT University.

Clareissa has extensive experience,working in the community and ngo sectors with largely some of our most courageous, marginalised, disadvantaged, disempowered, ‘at risk’ youth and adults.

Life is not easy and often sudden, unexpected events and circumstances occur and can impact our lives in profound ways. It is during these times when we are most vulnerable, that our basic needs can easily become unmet and people can loose hope, strength, become anxious and depressed, increased stress,  lack motivation and interest, experience conflict in relationships, increased intrusive negative thoughts and feelings and lack meaningful connections and purpose.

Talking to someone neutral, unbiased and confidential has many benefits during these times in particular that may feel overwhelming,intolerable and profoundly difficult.

Counselling is a safe and confidential space to do this.

Clareissa has strengths in engaging with a diverse range of people and groups and building strong therapeutic client relationships. In addition, Clareissa is very passionate about supporting people to manage and minimise intrusive,unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours that may result in stress, relationship breakdown, poor health, chronic pain , drug and alcohol abuse, poor body image and mental health issues.

Clareissa is committed to encouraging and supporting clients to be empowered to be the best version of themselves, their optimal preferred self and to find greater acceptance and balance. We all need help at times and sometimes the hardest thing is admitting this to ourselves when our expectations may be we must be able to resolve everything on our own! We are human and by nature, fallible and mistakes and bad choices don’t have to be the blueprint for your future. They can actually drive you to make positive, life changing decisions and actions.

Dedicated to her clients optimal growth, health and wellbeing, she assists clients to find their unique moral compass and voice. In expressing oneself in a safe space, steadily, intrusive and disruptive concerns , thoughts and feelings can reduce, significantly then reducing levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Benefits on all aspects of our lives can be achieved, feeling greater acceptance, balance, productivity, and enhanced quality of life.

Clareissa is holistic and uses a range of evidence based counselling techniques and interventions with particular interest and skills in client centred, compassionate based, solution focused, motivational interviewing, trauma informed practice and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Clareissa’s blogs strives to engage, educate, inspire, support, empower, connect and motivate readers to  make decisions that are  uniquely right for them and invite readers to start living the life they desire, deserve and value. Clareissa’s intention is to raise social awareness and connect individuals and communities of people who may feel marginalised, disadvantaged,stuck, disempowered or who seek change and personal growth. Clareissa is also dedicated to helping people living with a stoma and raising awareness about life with a stoma In our communities.

In her spare time Clareissa enjoys practising power vinyasa yoga, swimming, beach walks, creativity, nature and spending time with family and friends.