Can failing lead to success

This blog is Inspired by Denzel Washington's talk "FAIL BIG". I watched this talk last night at 2am when I was unable to sleep due to pain. The talk was about his life story of periods of indirection and hopelessness to determined actions and ambitious goals that inevitably led to his remarkable success. What struck… Continue reading Can failing lead to success


What is self-love ? There is excessive literature on this topic and greater social awareness of the importance of it, perhaps now to excess, where narcissism is at times acceptable. I could paraphrase the meaning and semantics to you from my research but I am personally no expert. Despite my professional clinical counselling background, I… Continue reading Love

Managing life difficulties, chronic pain and illness

  Can we make active daily choices to accept difficult circumstances? Is it possible to focus on meeting ones needs and achieve what you can do, not what you cannot do?   I have been acutely unwell this week, unable to sleep, in acute pain and dreadfully ill and further burdened by my mind that  tried to swallow… Continue reading Managing life difficulties, chronic pain and illness

This to shall pass

For many people this festive time of year is one of celebration and for sharing and giving to family and loved ones. For many of those people it also undoubtedly involves a lot of stress in awaiting needed annual leave and managing preparations and various family dynamics. For others who may have no family at… Continue reading This to shall pass

Really? more Lessons in resilience-stand tall, keep standing tall, being small is not working

In the face of my current degenerative structural and neurological complex medical conditions and limitations- with poor solutions possible. I had believed my quality of life or basic physical functioning could not get any worse. Then this week a traumatic incident occurred that has resulted in further loss of independence, physical pain, Self esteem and… Continue reading Really? more Lessons in resilience-stand tall, keep standing tall, being small is not working

Taking back your power

I have read a great many books, completed degrees and professional development in counselling and psychological and behavioural interventions and undergone my own therapy with range of practitioners. The most wise and profound experience was from a psychic last year who not only with limited information provided to her was spot on with my life… Continue reading Taking back your power