Benefits of mindfulness and repetition in times of loss, grief and change # acceptance

The word 'acceptance', now seems like some boho trendy brand, almost as fashionable as the $15 smash avo on gf toast at the 'too cool for school', inner city gen x café. But seriously, some of these popular words, that fill our daily browser screens; mindfulness, surrender, meditation, trust, heal, actually have some brevity and… Continue reading Benefits of mindfulness and repetition in times of loss, grief and change # acceptance

It too shall pass- keep on keeping on

How many of us despite our best intentions, 'emotional maturity', life experience, and those weekly yoga classes and meditations that are meant to keep us all zen; still get unhinged, unraveled and let's say a little frazzled, and bedazzled. Yes, when your assured plans just don't go to plan at all! The roar of cyber… Continue reading It too shall pass- keep on keeping on

Life is not a rehearsal: Look after yourself!

We live in a fast pace globalised world where we have access to anything and everything from synthetic drugs to fresh off the pres Oxford university thesis research papers. Stress, workaholism, pressure, demands, sickness, injury, allergies, food intolerances, burnout. Is this sounding familiar, such that are all these now post modern norms? Instant gratification does… Continue reading Life is not a rehearsal: Look after yourself!

Love, death and every little thing in between

According to recent social research on current popular blog topics for 2019, personal stories rank in the top ten and timeless studies of  popular topics in writing indicate  readers unquenchable thirst to understand the meaning of life. In addition, blogging today is now a huge part of our globalised daily life's where cutting edge business… Continue reading Love, death and every little thing in between

Follow the hope line

To all those who are married to chronic pain, and all those who dare to walk in shoes that have lost their soul.pressure rises, pulsating , prickly pain, like eating humble pie when allergic to pastry or phoning for help when their is no reception . old, worn, brittle and damp as though the rain… Continue reading Follow the hope line

Feeling anxious-drop your anchor

As I sit on my patio on a sunny yet crisp winter day , trying to think of something to paint, calmed by glimpses of the ocean and the sluggish Sunday traffic, All I find is a creative void, dead ends and trife ideas. Indecision cannons shoot recklessly across my brain, rising anxiety, unsure whether… Continue reading Feeling anxious-drop your anchor

Can failing lead to success

This blog is Inspired by Denzel Washington's talk "FAIL BIG". I watched this talk last night at 2am when I was unable to sleep due to pain. The talk was about his life story of periods of indirection and hopelessness to determined actions and ambitious goals that inevitably led to his remarkable success. What struck… Continue reading Can failing lead to success


What is self-love ? There is excessive literature on this topic and greater social awareness of the importance of it, perhaps now to excess, where narcissism is at times acceptable. I could paraphrase the meaning and semantics to you from my research but I am personally no expert. Despite my professional clinical counselling background, I… Continue reading Love

Managing life difficulties, chronic pain and illness

  Can we make active daily choices to accept difficult circumstances? Is it possible to focus on meeting ones needs and achieve what you can do, not what you cannot do?   I have been acutely unwell this week, unable to sleep, in acute pain and dreadfully ill and further burdened by my mind that  tried to swallow… Continue reading Managing life difficulties, chronic pain and illness