About BWM

“I am not what happened to me,I am what I choose to become ” Carl Jung.

BWM is in response to the growing need for all people and especially those with chronic pain, mental health and those with a disability and a stoma,to have a space to connect body to mind and find greater ease and acceptance of our physical bodies, adjusting to life with pain, disability or a stoma and how to continue to interact with others and the world with these conditions and practice self-compassion.

I aim for my clients to realise they are the experts in their life choices and believe when we can Learn ways to become enabled and empowered, and not be limited or disempowered by the profound challenges that these conditions demand.

The blogs are a collection of personal stories from myself And are a blend of personal development, popular current body/mind ideologies, self care, mindfulness and value enfranchisement,congruent life and introspective story telling and reflect the interconnectedness of our minds and our bodies.

Body wise mind is a development from several ideas that I observed from my client work, lived experience and from my fellow ostomates and survivors of trauma.

Some of these ideas are learning to live and thrive with disability, chronic pain, mental health and a stoma. Balancing self-care with achieving goals and maintaining health and wellbeing in the face of difficulties, adversity and setbacks.

The key is integrating a bio, psycho,social approach to recovery, maintaining practices of Self-care that work for you,implementing positive body image, reinventing yourself with your conditions, exploring identity and sexuality, investing in sincere friendships and relationships with your conditions , knowing when to disclose or maintain anonymity.

I invite others to share their stories and suggest ideas for discussion.


From a small empty box pre surgeries, a blog was created and where it Leads is yet to be revealed.

Share your story, experiences in a safe place and learn more deeply about self care and self compassion.

Be empowered, enfranchised and educated. Don’t let your conditions hold you back from living the full and rich life you seek and deserve.