About BWM

“I am not what happened to me,I am what I choose to become ” Carl Jung.

BWM is in response to the growing awareness that trauma affects our ability to cope and a traumatised nervous system can have a profound effect on our daily lives.

Talking therapy is very useful and has an important space in therapy as do traditional top down approaches.

However, it’s widely known now that bottom down approaches, mindfulness and aspects of acceptance and commitment therapy recognise the threat response (fight/flight/freeze) and dysregulated feelings that are often highly activated and create safe space to explore the reasons behind why we feel unsafe without becoming overwhelmed. Cultivating the noticing brain and fostering a curiosity toward it while engaging the senses can have a profound effect on slowing down the nervous system and creating safety and stability. After this is established one can start to process the trauma by combining thinking and sensations to recognise the felt danger is from the past and in practicing awareness when safety is established one can start to have a dual awareness to feel safe in the present and make sense of the feelings.

Trauma does not discriminate and it’s impact is unique for each individual. At BWM we respect this and work with each client holistically and individually, tailoring interventions, and the wisdom of the neurobiology of trauma to each clients therapeutic process. Counselling is a safe therapeutic space for clients to re-instate stability safety, choices, and gain resources and skills to build up a window of tolerance and help change the relationship to the trauma to reduce the impact on our daily lives.

We all remember bad things that have happened in our bodies and feelings and the more we practice in therapy an attitude of curiosity we become more able to notice it’s a memory not a reality.

The blogs are a collection of personal reflections Inspired by current body/mind practices, self care concepts, mindfulness, introspective story telling and reflect the interconnectedness of our minds and our bodies.

Body wise mind believes we can strive to live and thrive with trauma,disability, chronic pain, mental health, and a stoma. Life is more than being stuck in survival mode.

Balancing self-compassion with life’s daily tasks and achieving desired goals while maintaining optimal health and wellbeing when life’s challenges present is no easy way but with support and strengthening skills and strategies you can embrace your valued life direction and improve your relationships.

I invite others to share their stories and suggest ideas for discussion.

Be empowered, enfranchised and educated. Don’t let your doubts and insecurities hold you back from living the full and rich life you seek and deserve.