About BWM

“Before you can think out of the box, you have to start with a box” . Twyla Tharp

All Ideas have the potential to become innovative and creative ideas, concepts, programs, interventions, projects, enterprises and more broadly environments, whether these be our internal happy spaces or our home, work or community spaces.

I have always valued acronyms and BWM stands for a few things that i believe in and are essential in life and recovery; Body, wise, mind. Bravery, wisdom, mindfulness. Beautiful, men, women.

BWM is in response to the growing need and demand for all people and especially ostomates, those with chronic pain and mental health to have a safe space to connect the fluxes of the body to mind and ultimately find greater ease and acceptance of our physical bodies. Adjusting to life with chronic pain, illness or a stoma is challenging and affects how we think, feel and behave. BWM hopes to offer some useful tips on  how to continue to interact with others and the world and not be limited or disadvantaged by the unique and profound challenges that such conditions demand.

The blogs are a collection of personal stories from myself and inviting others to share. For in creating community, together we can feel more connected and less isolated and this has a natural positive affect on mental health and wellness.

Body wise mind is a blog that is a blend of personal development, popular current body/mind and stoma trends, congruent life and stoma story telling and reflects the interconnections of our minds and our bodies. It is also a development from several ideas that I observed from my own lived experience, my fellow ostomates and past clients.

Some of these ideas consider new ways to  learn to live and thrive with chronic pain, illness, mental health and a stoma. How do you actually implement a  bio psycho social approach to recovery, practices of Self-care, developing and implementing positive body image, reinventing yourself with your stoma, identity and sexuality, friendships and relationships with a stoma, disclosure or anonymity of your stoma or condition.

I invite others to share their stories and am open to any suggestions or  ideas for discussion.

So From a small empty box pre my major bowel surgeries, a blog was created and where it Leads is yet to be revealed!

Please  share your story, experiences in a safe place and learn more deeply about self care and self compassion. Be empowered, enfranchised and educated. Don’t let your stoma, pain or mental health hold you back from living the full and rich life you seek and deserve.

In additon to the blogs, raising awareness for ostomates and positive body image, Clareissa  provides telephone counseling, individual counseling, positive body image and BWM workshops for ostomates and mental health first aid for those working with ostomates. Counselling is for a broad range of issues and concerns with specialities in mental health, drug and alcohol, chronic pain, trauma, relationship difficulties, Youth and ostomates.