What is self-love ? There is excessive literature on this topic and greater social awareness of the importance of it, perhaps now to excess, where narcissism is at times acceptable.

I could paraphrase the meaning and semantics to you from my research but I am personally no expert. Despite my professional clinical counselling background, I am actually the worst victim of self-neglect and in my medical health crisis brutally confronting this concept , totally hit by Mac truck and paralysed in fear.

When I listen to the same comfort music of 20 years ago, infuse peppermint to soothe and try to do a mindful home yoga practice, the mirror of my worn and bleak reflection shatters into tiny pieces as I know nothing about this topic intrinsically only logically.

With bruises and injury all over me from poor health and major health issues creamed nicely last week with extreme illness, I found myself m, yet again glued to the floor in my apartment, unable to move and confronted with myself.

There is no doubt that Winter and cold weather for some of us is also a more difficult time, where some days feel like your trying to move through a barren wasteland yet motionless, stuck in cold deep mud.

So in my stuckness and subsequent stillness emerges new ideas on the concept of self-love or I see it more as a tapestry, one that is deeply unique and personal and maybe only ourselves can truly explore this concept In solitude and stillness.

I am not at all enthused by this nor suggesting that tools and aids in all he various forms they come help, as they do but if you are like me and relied on them too heavily then if your faced with chronic illness and pain or unforeseen circumstances then you see that only we ,as individuals can identify, practice and implement self love.

I believe We must do what is intuitively and courageously right for us, not what is socially “right”, nor what we think is right for others.

I was reminded of this yet again last when a routine ct scan should have taken 30 minutes took two hours, left with several injection bandaids and exhausted from the complications due to my self neglect over the years yet strangely I left motivated and prompted to find stamina.

So never give up on yourself and surround yourself with people, activities and environments that support you and wellness.

I am making choices that negate my embedded need to deprive and neglect as this is not only killing my physical chance at healing but in fact is in argument with my core values.

So I tell myself I would never treat another human being as i view and punish myself frequently so perhaps it is time to start treating myself as I would my dear friends.

This is not an easy task and it’s about small workable and realistic steps.

As long as we are moving forward toward positive changes with disciplined and aware actions then we are we doing “self-care”?

I have no idea but can only explore and inquire and I wish you all to do the same.

You, as I deserve this and there is no harm in trying right, considering how many times we fail at repeating the same self-defeating patterns and behaviours. Why not try something new, but in a safe and measured way that is only right and comfortable for you.

1 thought on “Love”

  1. It is good to read your reflections on the importance of self love and perseverance

    Letting go of old ways of thinking and ways of living which result in such deep loss
    To go forward is to accept as a gift we are worthy of starting a new beginning , as a tiny seed & very small , yet when watered with hope and for healing , that’s a fresh beginning little by little, step by step

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