This to shall pass

For many people this festive time of year is one of celebration and for sharing and giving to family and loved ones. For many of those people it also undoubtedly involves a lot of stress in awaiting needed annual leave and managing preparations and various family dynamics.

For others who may have no family at all or like me single and childless and/or with chronic health issues, it is a time of sadness and loneliness as it creates an edge of despair in what is lost and in what is not present or possible. Without wishing to seem like a total negative Nancy, or an ungrateful battered old spinster, I write candidly in honour of those who have prior lost their lives during this period and for those I personally know who are keenly waiting for 2018.

I found the closer the time to these celebrations the more the black cloak of depression seems to keep finding itself on my back despite efforts to shed its heavy layers.

So I find perhaps if I accept the darkness for what it is maybe it is easier to manage than my attempts to wish It away. I try to remind myself to hold it lightly rather than continuously focusing on the heavyweight.

In my attempts I do some exercise, make art mindfully and with might through the murky waters try to find a beacon of hope, gratitude and empathy for others who are suffering or in pain.

In doing this committedly It leaves me not free of sadness, physical pain or grief but it creates room for the wonderful things I do have and the special people in my life.

So dear friends out there whom I know are struggling and all the people who are suffering know that you are loved and valued by others and a new year ahead is a time for renewal and rewriting narratives that better serve you. This time of difficulty will pass like a wave that ebbs and flows and the calmer waters are a near.

Together we can all follow jung’s footsteps in choosing what we wish to become not what has happened to us. By no means an easy task, but possible and worth the persevering.

Wishing wellness and peace for all and light to befall where darkness pervades.

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