Your being small no longer serves you.

So 4 days into the new year 2017, intentions being fired off, like crackers laminating the sky with glorious colour of hopes, dreams and aspirations. 2016 some say, marks the end of a 9 year cycle of endings, where 2017 can now pave way for new beginnings and possibilities. From deep within we may be now asked  to confront the fractured aspects or ourselves in order to create  a new pathway, that despite fear and resistance we intuitively know is right. So what is it for you that scares you yet excites you more than anything? What holds you back and keeps you in patterns and routines that no longer serve you?. Is being small a role you wish to play day in day out, like groundhog day, or could there possibly be some other characters  or sleeping aspects of yourself that would serve you better?. Your being small no longer serves you, so notice the fear, name it for what it is, hold it lightly beside you like a uber signpost or place it in your pocket. And then act as if, as if you were no longer small, scared and stuck. What might that part of you do, say, think, feel. Try it on like you are trying on clothes at impromptu visit to garage sale. And then you may notice it is back, out of the pocket and slapping you in the face again, into panic, confusion, inciting you to stay in what is known, safe, predictable.

In this risk adverse society we are taught to prevent and  minimise risk, yet if we do not take thoughtful and considered risks at times, how will we ever grow, flourish and encourage the aspects of ourselves we would rather embody. If we do not we may end up on our death beds, deeply regretting all the things we wish we had done and by then it will be too take. So i ask you what is that truly that you hope for yourself this year and consider making room for the fear that will inevitable follow and notice it, just notice it for what it is, just fear, not fixed, changeable like a wave, ebbs and flows, passes and returns. Maybe it may be easier to notice it and act according to your dreams and hopes, rather than be all consumed by it like your were just hit by a mac truck on eastern freeway. It may be more helpful to see the fear as a feather that will float around, drift, something you cannot necessarily avoid or get rid of. And in this practice you may just then find it has less power over you and before you know it is in your pocket and you are acting ” as if”  you were that version of yourself you truly want to be. So try it on for size and just see how it fits, even for a moment, a second, an hour or a day. You may be surprised and excited by the results.